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Welcome to Safeskill Academy!!

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Your HSE Training Provider

Safeskill Academy (PLC Group Company) has been leading the way in health and safety training since over a decade now and our expertise in the field is locally as well as internationally recognised. Safeskill is a part of the PLC Group and has access to years of expertise in several areas including Health, Safety & Environment. We offer a wide range of training programs which meet the special needs of today’s organisations. We have the resources to assist large corporations, small businesses and organisations, groups and individuals.

What makes our Health And Safety Training different to many other course providers?

We are lucky enough.. to have some of the most uniquely qualified and experienced personnel we could wish for. We are justifiably proud of the people that make our business what it is – from the outstanding level of service and support to exceptional experience. We have a highly professional team of personnel.. who are not only trainers but are specialists with outstanding levels of practical, hands-on expertise.
Our aim is to ensure all your training needs are met in full.

Why is training on Health & Safety Important?

The health of an organisation’s employees is of paramount importance. Having a healthy workforce can result in numerous benefits, including greater productivity and fewer lost days through sickness and illness. Not only is it advisable, but organisations need to learn and adhere to relevant health and safety legislation, which is in place to ensure safe working conditions. Companies who fail to comply with this legislation face severe fines or even criminal charges.
There has never been a greater need for effective health and safety training. Our range of DOSH accredited health and safety courses can provide you and your employees with the knowledge required to work safely and stay healthy in the workplace.

We can create custom-tailored training programs to meet the learning objectives of our clients, to build on the experience and knowledge base of participants and to get the most for you out of your training budget.

For more information on our DOSH accredited courses or our own Health and Safety Training courses which can be tailored to your specific needs, please take the time to browse through the List of Training Programs offered. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your training requirements with one of our health and safety consultants, please contact us at training@safe-skill.com or +6 03 4149 0570 / 4143 2927

 You can also contact us online by clicking the “Contact Us” button on the main menu.